In memory of

my beloved

German Shepherd,

and my loyal friend, Oscar.


This site provides a 

free service to cross post homeless  German Shepherds

(primarily in high kill shelters)

and/or dogs in need

(especially the senior ones).

 Our wish is to provide added exposure and hopefully assist to increase their chances

of being seen, or finding

a new home before

  their time runs out!!!



Thank you for visiting Oscar's site!!  Please Remember to Pet your Pets at Least 3 times a Day!!

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Reminder:  no dogs on this site have been evaluated by a member of, this site is purely for cross-posting.  


Please consider adopting a shelter pet, you don't just have a new friend, you have also saved a life!!

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Please Help Senior Samantha in MD












Note: Courtesy Samantha is an 11-year-old dog who is desperate for a foster home; she is one of two Shepherds HSKC recently rescued from severe neglect. Samantha was found emaciated and suffering from a bacterial skin infection that had been left untreated. Samantha needs a foster home- please help if you can. Humane Society of Kent County Maryland 1-866-661-7387 or locally at 410-778-3648.







View full list of adoptables...


Bear in Vineland, NJBear     Simba in Pine Grove, PASimba  Trixie in Stevensville, MD


Courtesy Hunter in Jackson, NJ


Cinder in Bridgewater, NJCinder

 Scooby in Forked River, NJ


Silas in Wayne, NJ


Sarah in Oakland, NJ



Antifreeze Alternatives The hazardous component of antifreeze is ethylene glycol.  Antifreeze made with propylene glycol is a less hazardous, although still toxic in higher quantities, option for many applications.  Although slightly more expensive, you can find two propylene glycol antifreeze products marketed under the brand names LowTox ®  and Sierra.

Slain German Shepherd "Justice" became a public rally for stricter animal cruelty laws and severe penalties for those convicted of such offenses. Tombstone vigilantly urged: "In My Name, Let No Other Suffer" article or log onto at Vineland,  NJ.

Bloating is the second leading cause to kill can save your furry friend if you catch it in time!!  Please take a moment to read the following article.....Bloating in dogs

  Pet Alert ..... Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) has advised pet owners to be alert of Xylitol, a sweetener found in many sugar free products like gum, candy etc., which in large amount can cause sudden drop in blood sugar resulting in depression, loss of coordination and seizures....THERE’S NO SUGAR-COATING IT—PRODUCTS SWEETENED WITH XYLITOL CAN BE TOXIC TO PETS .

Ever wondered about the different colored GSDs...check it out... Coat Colors of GSD!!

Although the fur balls cannot speak,  they do know what's going on...!! Please read the moving story posted on the website of Westside GS rescue of LA.....scroll down to the story about a doberman and the fire-fighter...

 Many GSD rescue websites have a page for owner referrals/shelter dog list, please check out some of these wonderful dogs when you have a chance: Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue German Shepherd Rescue of SE Pennsylvania, Virginia German Shepherd Rescue, Central Illinois GSD Rescue, Westside GS rescue of LA, Bright Star GS rescue in NY etc.

Tails of joy always warms my heart, hope it does for you too!!  Please click to see "tails of joy" from some GS  rescue's website: Central Illinois GSD Rescue and Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue.


  Unemployed dogs have higher tendency to develop behavior problems……In the wild, dogs, like other animals, need to look for their own food and water, and that can take up a good part of their day. Now that they are house pets, and become domesticated, other than eat, sleep, play and do their business, they have a lot of time on their hands to kill. Depending on their age, breed and personality, some can be very, very creative- so, give your dog a job- make them look for their food/treats/toys- Some toys (blue kong toy) are designed to allow people to hide foods in it- make it hard for them to get…-pack the food/treat real tight, melt cheese at bottom

of the blue kong toy etc., they can spend hours trying to get their favorite food/treat out!! Try it- they'll like the sport and work diligently on their new job!!


"Animal cruelty, in particular, is often an early warning sign of violent tendencies that will be acted out eventually against people"  (Humane Society Of United States HSUS, 1997, P.1).


In a recent survey on prosecuted animal cruelty incidents in Massachusetts:

  • Majority of abuse victims were owned dogs and cats.

  • Prosecuted abusers were typically young males with a small percentage of females.

  • Common methods of abuses were beat, shoot, stab, throwing hard objects, bait, burn, cut out ears or

  • Only about half of the abuse cases were prosecuted and led to fine, probation, jail… while the rest were dismissed, denied, or withdrawn…

Please spay/neuter your pets… 

So many wonderful pets died needlessly each day..... according to an article in 2001, more than 12 million cats and dogs enter US shelters annually.  Few of these animals were reclaimed, and many shelters lack space to keep even the most adoptable animals.  On average, only about 1/3 of animals put up for adoption actually find homes, for the rest, euthanasia.  Depending on the shelter and the state, some use injection of an overdose of a barbiturate anesthetic named “sodium pentobarbital” while others still employ the gas chamber or other less humane methods.  There are just not enough homes for all the lost/abandoned animals.  Please spay/neuter your pets and help to be one step closer to prevent pet overpopulation.

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